3rd party adapters

adapterWith electronics getting smaller and smaller, USB and AUX ports are losing their place. The iPhone 7s requires an adapter to listen to your music. The Macbooks are also getting rid of ports like the USB. Some Windows computers are even doing the same by getting rid of their ports. This raises the demand for adapters. Adapters allow people to listen to their and use their flash drives. There is a business opportunity here for third-party adapters. More people are buying adapters, and even more, people could be possible buyers if all Windows computers go down the same route as Apple. Third-party adapters have many possibilities of beating the stock adapters, whether it’s through lower prices or innovativeness. This could turn out to be a great business investment. Though, there are a few cautions to be careful of.  If wireless headphones and the use of the cloud continue to grow, this would defeat the purpose of adapters.

Advertise your business

advertisingIt is hard to get recognized when your business is new. If more people new about your business than you would grow faster and make more of a profit. So, if you have a business and need some ideas for advertising, this is the blog for you. Adwords is putting ads on Google. You can set up an account on Adwords and make a campaign. You set a budget for how much you want to spend per day. You only get charged when someone clicks on your ad. Classifieds are ads in the newspaper. These actually can be more useful than you think for local newspapers. If your business is unique to your area, than classifieds may be useful. You can put Classifieds by visiting the newspaper’s building or website to pay and place an ad. Prices vary depending on type and placement of your ad. Radio commercials can be helpful. Many people listen to the radio while commuting. Radio ads can reach a well-sized crowd. You will probably pay for how much air time you want. Social media is a free way to advertise your company. Set up an account on any social media and put pictures and information about your business. Social media is a great way to advertise and is popular among many businesses.

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Health is Wealth

healthHealth is wealth, you probably have heard it before. Health can actually affect your literal wealth. The fitness of your health affects the performance of your work. The better shape you are in, the more productive you are. Exercising keeps the body in good condition. It keeps you from feeling weary and fatigued. Also, sweating gets out toxins. Stretching is good for you too. Stretching gets rid of lactic acid which can make you feel sluggish. Have a healthy diet. Eating right can boost your energy. Sugary foods do not nourish your body and only gives a short burst of energy. Get some sleep. The average adult needs about 7.5 to 8 hours of sleep. Getting the right amount of sleep can really improve your longevity. Drink water. Water does many things for your body. Water maintains muscles, supports organs, aids digestion, and prevents sickness. Being healthy makes you efficient and productive.  Take care of your health and be the best worker in the office.

Investing in Self-Storage

self storageWhy investest in self-storage? Many people have too much stuff and they will pay you to put it in your self-storage units. Sounds great, well that’s not all. There are no tenants that you have to deal with and there are no plumbing expenses. Similar to apartments you can force the appreciation. Self-storage produces good cash flow, because the income is not altered by high maintenance cost. Also when a renter does not pay rent, you just keep their stuff. Self-storage typically does better than other Real Estate in recessions. It can take time to fill up you self-storage units, so be patient. Also, location is very important. An area with a lot of nice neighborhoods in a good part of town would be an ideal place. No on will want to want to put their valuables in a bad part of town. Try to find an area near a lot of condos, apartments, and neighborhoods that do not already have self-storage. This would be a great untapped opportunity. Get on top of your Real Estate investing by checking out these helpful sites! Where do you find Real Estate property? With Birddogbot you can efficiently find Real Estate properties. For those who live in Canada, you can find foreclosed listings if you click here. Interested in commercial real estate? Don’t let your investment be ruined by a bad deal, prevent this with the Syndicated Deal Analyzer.