3rd party adapters

adapterWith electronics getting smaller and smaller, USB and AUX ports are losing their place. The iPhone 7s requires an adapter to listen to your music. The Macbooks are also getting rid of ports like the USB. Some Windows computers are even doing the same by getting rid of their ports. This raises the demand for adapters. Adapters allow people to listen to their and use their flash drives. There is a business opportunity here for third-party adapters. More people are buying adapters, and even more, people could be possible buyers if all Windows computers go down the same route as Apple. Third-party adapters have many possibilities of beating the stock adapters, whether it’s through lower prices or innovativeness. This could turn out to be a great business investment. Though, there are a few cautions to be careful of.  If wireless headphones and the use of the cloud continue to grow, this would defeat the purpose of adapters.

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