Health is Wealth

healthHealth is wealth, you probably have heard it before. Health can actually affect your literal wealth. The fitness of your health affects the performance of your work. The better shape you are in, the more productive you are. Exercising keeps the body in good condition. It keeps you from feeling weary and fatigued. Also, sweating gets out toxins. Stretching is good for you too. Stretching gets rid of lactic acid which can make you feel sluggish. Have a healthy diet. Eating right can boost your energy. Sugary foods do not nourish your body and only gives a short burst of energy. Get some sleep. The average adult needs about 7.5 to 8 hours of sleep. Getting the right amount of sleep can really improve your longevity. Drink water. Water does many things for your body. Water maintains muscles, supports organs, aids digestion, and prevents sickness. Being healthy makes you efficient and productive.  Take care of your health and be the best worker in the office.

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