Tesla: Good or Bad invesment

t1Tesla is the underdog story we all love. There hasn’t been a successful American car company startup since 1925 when Chrysler was founded until Tesla was founded in 2003. Tesla is the most valuable American car manufacturer, this seems odd due to the following facts. They lost 675 million dollars in 2016, while Ford And GM made billions. Tesla produced a little more than 76 thousand cars compared to the double digit millions produced by Ford and GM. So how could Tesla be the most valuable American car company?

Tesla is valuable, because of their history and future. Tesla paid off its debt to the government after 2008 before any of the Detroit giants did, showing that Tesla was responsible with teir money. In 2013 the Model S won Motor Trend car of the year. The Model S did something that no other car could do, it was fast, luxurious, practical, and economical. The Model S scored the highest ever on the safety tests. Also, it could drive itself. Nowadays Tesla is selling cutting-edge batteries to power anything from a car to the entire island of Ta’u. They own SolarCity, which produces next generation solar panels. They offer solar panels that are built into roof shingles, to get rid of those tacky t2solar panels on houses. SolarCity solar roofs look like normal roofs, and the solar shingles are tougher than normal shingles. To store all energy that energy the solar roof catches, Telsa produces PowerPacks. Powerpacks store and regulate energy use. Investors see a bright future for Tesla. Tesla plans to release the Model 3 in 2018, it will cost about 35,000 dollars before government incentives. This will bring electric cars to the everyday person. Investors also have a lot of confidence in Elon Musk, the CEO. Elon Musk has proven himself and is a very bright man. You still may still be stuck on the numbers. Tesla lost a lot of money last year, but it took Amazon almost a decade start making it’s first full profit. Tesla stock(TSLA) has been growing substantially. On January 1, 2015, the stock was worth 203.60 dollars. On June 6, 2017, the stock is worth 352.84 dollars. You will not be making any profits off of dividends because TSLA does not pay dividends.

I think Tesla is a good investment. I provided the facts for you to make your own decision. I wouldn’t suggest buying right now because I believe Tesla is overvalued and so is the entire market. You can read about that on my blog “Are we in a bubble?” To end on a good note, Tesla has a lot of potential and a bright future ahead.

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