Qualities of a good Leader

  1. manager-leaderPassion- Love what you do. To succeed in many things, it takes passion. The best workers are passionate. The best leaders are passionate. Passion leads to success.
  2. Decisive- Know what your goal is and stay focused on it. Don’t get mixed up in things that don’t matter, get the job done.
  3. Personable- Get to know your workers and let them get to know you.
  4. Open minded- Be open minded to others and their ideas. This can make you a more well-rounded person, and some of the greatest ideas can come from people you would never expect.
  5. Persistence- Don’t stop. Keep working hard. When you have a goal, keep your eyes on it and achieve it.
  6. Communicative- A healthy relationship has communication. The same goes for a business. Communicate to your workers so that everyone is on the same page, this will increase the efficiency of your business.
  7. Accountability-When you say you will get the job done, get it done. Show people that you are reliable. Accountability builds trust.
  8. Integrity- Be real with yourself and your workers.
  9. Transparency- Studies show that bosses who talk about their personal lives with their workers are liked better.
  10. Confidence- Confidence is key. People follow and trust those with confidence.
  11. Body Language- Studies show that people who move their hands listen to more than people who don’t. Use body language to your advantage, you become more interesting. People listen more. You become more personable. If you want to master this skill check out this offer here. 


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