The key to making any good investment: Due Diligence

researchBefore making any kind of investment make sure you due diligence! Research the important information on an investment to make the right decision. When you due diligence you are more likely to make a successful decision.  This is what you should know before making an investment!

  • Expense– what is the initial expense of the investment
  • Profit– what will it take to cut even, and to start making a profit, how much of a profit will you make
  • Time- how long will it take to cut even, how long will it take to make a profit, how much money is the time costing you
  • Statistics– what do the statistics say about the performance of the investment, what do the statistics predict the about the future performance of the investment.
  • History– what is the performance history of the investment
  • Articles– what are articles from respected sources saying about the investment

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